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Pierrette Clément


Pierrette Clément is a painter artist borned in Gabon, Africa, then lived in France, New Caledonia and actually in Reunion Island. After years of spanish teaching and an intense professional and social life, the attraction for the art led her to fluid abstract painting, that perfectly corresponds to her passion for bright colors, for imagination and poesy, for interpretation of the marvels of the Universe and the Nature, influenced by her travels and the places she lives in. On the one hand she sees her art as a sort of meditation and therapy in which one she likes that colors get tangled, bump into each other or are in contradiction. On the other hand she wants to invite the viewers in her universe, to give them joy, pleasure, dreams or to make them think about our world, its weaknesses and its strengths.
« I also like that viewers dive in my paintings and mentally escape, according to their imagination and
feelings ». « Fluid abstract painting allows me to let fate acts in some places of the canvas and regain control in others ».
She also runs introductory workshops in Acrylic Pouring so that everyone, young or old, can discover this fulfilling technique and be introduced to art.


Rita Rozynek

Collage artist

Collage artist, linguist and freelance translator, born in Zielona Góra in Poland in 1981.
I am currently living in Hannover, Germany, with my partner and two cats.
For the creation process I use only scissors, glue, old magazines, and my imagination.
My visions are inspired by surrealism, symbolism and the psychology of C. G. Jung. They are meant
to speak to the subconscious, and they often represent universal symbols and archetypes. And lots
of spiral shapes.
For me personally, they have always been a form of self-therapy.
As a linguist, I initially created collages solely from words – texts in my native language, a kind of
automatic writing or weird poetry. But for several years now I have been creating collages from
images. They opened the way to my own inner as well as outer world.
I also play piano and sing a little, I love spending time in nature harvesting herbs and I practice urban
gardening on my balcony.
Welcome to my Universe.

Junija 3.jpg

Junija Galejeva


Junija Galejeva - painter and musicologist, member of the group of painters "Nine
1972 - born in Siberia (Krasnokamensk), now living in Vilnius, Lithuania. Editor for
LRT Klasika - a Lithuanian national radio channel dedicated to culture and classical music; also lectures on History of Opera at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.
More than 30 group exhibitions (Lithuania, Italy, Spain)
For me painting is like composing music on canvas. I like to improvise and strive to
make the painting "sound": to make colours and their interrelations as expressive as the chords and tones in music, and the brush strokes and lines a sense of melody and rhythmic pattern. I try to keep the painting open to the viewer's interpretation, so that each time there is something new to see. Just as when listening to music, people hear it differently each time and it is always very individual. I endeavour to make the
picture dynamic, with a musical movement, expressing a flow of time and thought. But ‘music on canvas’ is not an end in itself. The main aim is to express feelings, to transmit an emotional state and awaken associations.


Sandrine Jarrosson


Born in 1960 and having grown up in Ville d’Avray, a favorite place for many artists, I was interested in drawing at a very young age. My meeting with the Czech painter Jaro Hilbert 48 years ago certainly deter- mined my vocation as a painter. I studied drawing at the Académie Charpentier in Paris and consolidated my professional experience with- in an advertising agency (fashion brochures, invitation cards)

It is in the context of an emotional break that my work begins: oil painting, then first exhibition, on the theme of Jars, the round, the feminine, the inner child.


Second rupture, cervical rupture, in a very serious car accident. Loss of bearings... The need to give new meaning to my life becomes obvious. I almost lost my life and “my guardian angel caught me by the hair” my grandmother told me. Hence the decision to live intensely and finally dare to be myself.
Through painting, the way naturally imposes itself on me.

These breaking points opened up a new path for me. Painting becomes vital!


Step by step I take strong decisions, and make choices: I realize that painting becomes my universe and that I must devote myself only to it.
I leave the Paris region and come to settle in Hossegor in the Landes.
Painting has become a necessity for me, a mode of expression essential to my balance.


Seduced by the Basque Country, its light, its strength, its energy, I settled there and found a workshop that met my expectations.


My work is oriented towards the abstract, because it gives me more freedom to translate what I feel; the materials, the colors, the formats, evoke the movement and a certain emotion that I wish to share.
Light remains for me the key element of every work I undertake.

Each new canvas is a new beginning and I let myself be guided by my intuitions of the moment. A training in Qi Gong, in Tuinas massage, as well as the practice of Tao transformed my ap- proach to painting and gave me a new energy that I use in my creation.
Being present and centered is essential to my work because it is a vector of success in my artistic approach.


Veronika Weberova


She studied Didactics of Art Education of Comenius University in Bratislava (SK), where she
received her PaedDr. and PhD. During her studies she focused on painting techniques and
their use in school.
She works with the author's modified ebru technique, painting on the water surface. She applies layers of lightly glazed layers with expressive gestures to the surface of the water where she then rubs the canvases. She often combines abstract painting with pen drawing, which is created by layering lines.
She has had 25 solo exhibitions, mostly in Slovakia, and more than 40 group
exhibitions worldwide. She has exhibited in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria,
Serbia, South Korea, France, Netherlands, the Canary Islands, The Great Britain, Republic of
Moldova (participation in the International Biennial of Painting in Chisinau 2023) and
In 2023 she received the 1° International Prize Donetello in Florence (IT) and Pegasus Art Prize in Venezia (IT). In 2019 she was awarded the Premio Speciale Della Critica at the XXI Premio Internationale Arte San Crispino (IT). In 2005, 2nd place in the national round of the Tahitian Pearl Trophy international jewellery competition.
She is a part of the strongest artistic association of professional artists in Slovakia where she became the youngest member. She also regularly participates in international painting symposia.
She lives and works in Bratislava (Slovakia), where she is also an art teacher.

Elsa Papagiannopoulou, Thessaloniki-Greece.JPG

Elsa Papagiannopoulou


She was born, lives and creates in Thessaloniki, Greece. Until 2010 she was working at Alpha Bank, in International Trade Department. During her working career she attended many seminars and workshops in painting, ceramics, stained glass, photography, etc. Among them, sculpture for one academic year with the Greek sculptor Thanos Karonis, and printmaking for another year with the Greek engraver Giorgos Pallis. After resigning from the bank, she started academic studies for the first time.
In 2018 she received a bachelor degree from the Department of European Civilization and in 2020 a master degree in Public History from the Faculty of Humanities of the Hellenic Open University, Patras. In 2019 she entered the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and currently she attends the 5th Painting Workshop of the Department of Visual and Applied Arts, under the direction of the visual artist Giorgos Divaris (until 2020) and the painter Lambros Psyrrakis (2020- ), along with the guidance of the professors/visual artists Maria Vozali, Aliki Martzopoulou and Christos Venetis.
She is a person with imagination and concerns that cannot be limited to just one type of art, and she likes to engage in all kinds of visual expressions.
Currently she combines three different directions. Photography, digital editing/creation, and painting. The tools available to a visual artist today are many. The creation of a work has gone beyond simply observing and transferring to the canvas a composition or a live model or even a subject from a photograph. Elsa uses digital photo editing programs to get to the result she wants instead of testing on the canvas directly. So, by thoroughly exploring her subject she arrives at the composition she likes and then transfer it to the canvas or print on fabric or other materials. She is to get away from figurative realist painting and move into abstract art or a combination of both. She likes the details, so she tries to break up her subject, zoom in as seeing it through a microscope, discovering a different perspective each time. She tries from one photo to make a group of works until she exhausts the subject and move on to the next one.


Michael J Stokely

Digital painter

I am strongly influenced by atmosphere and ambience. My penchant for travel, unleashed a passion for colour and shape, line and form, structure and experimentation. I initially recorded my visual contemplations using traditional surfaces and tools, but my technique has evolved to a more technologically based mode of producing work.
Movement has always been an inherent part of my practice, allowing me to easily transition to a new chosen medium. My digital canvas is free of the encumberments of tradition that are associated with the mores of painting.
My process consists of translating thoughts into documents. It is based on seeing beyond what is obvious, extracting elements from recorded, spanning from the mundane to the unexpected.
My work is non-representational, possessing an interpretive, emotive and expressive voice.
The depicted forms are softly contoured and refined, driven by intuition. Lines are drawn to create contrast, dynamism and energy.


Mariken Heijwegen


”All my work comes from unknown places in my head”

I paint heads. Self-portraits.

My hands help me transform my emotions on the canvas. My language.

Sometimes an awful lot happens in your head and no one knows, except you, what's going on there. It can be dark, scary, filled with fears and doubts, obstacles and everything that, I think, is human. Last month I was in a dark place and it was very scary. It was dark in my head and it felt like an explosion of all my fears. 

Every day I painted a portrait during that time. My paintings reflect feelings like panic attacks, fear, anxiety, insecurities and all mixed emotions. Slowly the paintings are less capricious and less vague. There is slowly coming a person in front of the painting. That person is me. 

Creativity saved me and helped to deal with my anger and aggression about the whole situation and can I slowly accept who I am.

I want to show the world that you don't have to be ashamed about a mental illness and I hope to break taboos. It makes me vulnerable and I think that's a good thing. I want to make the invisible visible.

Welcome to my mental journey and let’s start a dialogue.




My name is Yonah de Beer and I run INSI art-studios. I was raised in a town close to Amsterdam and I am 27 years old. I have been raised by four homosexual parents, who came from a Jewish and Catholic heritage. Because of my upbringing, I have always felt like I stood outside the normative margins in society. I started painting to express; without prejudice of what is beautiful, without any sense of good or bad. I started using art as the language to express my individuality. My work is philosophy materialized. Art to me is also political, because the personal is political. I cannot purge my emotions/thoughts onto canvas without also reflecting on the ideology that gave shape to my perspective. My art tries to reflect on the interconnectedness of all things. Finally, my art is there to drown in. To drown in the thoughts that arise; which leads to interpretation. To drown in the feelings that occur; which leads to understanding the sentiment. To drown in the individual symbolism that it.


Anastasia Gangal


Anastasia Gangal was born in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, a small but sunny country from Eastern Europe. From early childhood passioned by arts and painting, grew up in a family of architects. The artistic environment of the family helped to develop the high interest for painting and arts. Beginning with caricature style characters and aquarelle, Anastasia discovered her later more mature passion for Abstract Painting. The totaly freedom that it gives to express your innerworld and emotions was something that an artistic soul cannot miss. Bright colours, high contrast and pure emotions is her style of expression.

My photo.jpg

Mel Alkan


Mel is an Australian/Turkish artist currently based in Melbourne where she was born and raised. After receiving her background in psychology, she transitioned into being a full- time artist. Mel's work consists of abstract mixed media paintings and digital illustrations. Although her art involves a wide range of themes and mediums, at their core, the artworks aim to represent concepts with unique twists.
Many of Mel's artwork are based on her own individual experiences. Be it colours of nature while exploring forests, a particular page in a book, soundtracks or even games, every piece is a glimpse of her distorted interpretations of places and stories.


Kathy Rush


I’ve been doing art all of my life. I’ve had some training through university, private instruction, Sitka Art and Ecology Institute, Oregon Society of Artists, other Artists and wherever I’m able to learn new skills.  Art is my saving grace throughout my life journey of a teaching career, raising a family, caretaking family, brain cancer, and doing what needs to be done. I’ve lived and currently live in the western part of the United States - Southwest, West, Northwest and Rocky Mountains. I hike, walk, paddle, and bike - I crave the infusion of the natural world around us. 
Through this journey, my art has evolved focusing on the detail to begin with and moving towards the abstract. Always using nature, motion, emotion and what is around us as my topics. In my watercolors, I use the melding of colors and illusion with a hint of details. Acrylics and Oils have firmly moved to a more fluid, illusionistic, impressionistic style. I’m enjoying this movement. It gives me color, texture and depth that I crave when I do a piece.


Marlene Amort


My name is Marlene Amort. I was born in 1956 and grew up in South Tyrol. My job brought me to Germany. First in the north and since 1998 I live in Bavaria/Starnberg.
Since 2014 I have dedicated myself entirely to my painting.
Art and painting was always a central point in my family and also for me. From 2014 on I did my training/studies with various lecturers at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kolbermoor.
In May 2022 I successfully completed the master course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kolbermoor.Snapshots from nature are my inspiration. This can be the scene of a layer of earth affected by erosion or the inside of a plant that is currently carrying out photosynthesis. I love the controlled play with chance when working with materials and pigments.Structures fascinate me - I work with self-made fillers of natural origin such as marble powder, adhesive plaster, stone chalk, sand, coffee, wood, etc. The advantage is the strong materiality of the surface - it looks organic and lively. Cracks, holes, traces appear – destruction and new beginnings. It's like an experiment, you can never really predict how the work will develop. The pictures are created in the painting process from the deepest feelings and great love for Mother Earth.
Since 2018 student of Gabriele Muse-brink
Continued training with Erik Schmidt, Cesare Marcotto, Christopher Eymann and Carsten Westphal
Member of Kunstverein Starnberg e.V. and Künstlerstammtisch Raisting.

20230306_123625 (1)-2.jpg

Elena Beliaev

Felt artist

Yelena Beliaev. Born in Russia. Has lived in Israel for the last 20 years. A self-
taught fiber and mixed media artist working in needle felting technique.
For 4 years she has created more than 100 felted pieces which have been
arranged in different styled assemblages and installations.
Since 2022 her works have been published in different art magazines, have taken
part in group exhibitions in Rome, Paris and Amsterdam, and also have been
exhibited on online international platforms.
This year a personal self organized exhibition has been planned in the visitors’
centre, Ofek winery, Israel.
The artist researches the theme of memory, traditions, cultural codes and
emotions which the memory revives.

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